BadA$$ Money Shift

Ready To Jack Up Your

Money Vibe?

Have you ever wanted to recalibrate the energy of your Money and Abundance and remove any stuck, blocked projections you’ve might have tossed onto it with your current mindset?

Has your Abundance fallen out of flow? Or maybe you have – would you like a gentle kick in the Energy fields in order to get things moving along again?

Well we’re going to do JUST THAT and MORE!

We are going to focus on SHIFTING the stuck energy you’re creating around your Money and Abundance. This JOLT in your energy will unearth the funk and give you the infusion of PURE LIGHT that you need right now!





During Your Intense Energy Shifting Experience You Will Receive:
  • Intuitive & Psychic Scan Of Your Issues.
  • Major Personal Energetic Shifts.
  • Major Energetic Boosts around Money.
  • Belief pulling.
  • Energetic Money Downloads.
  • Energetic Re-calibration.
  • Personal Energetic Healing.
  • Realignment with your Source.
  • Chakra Work
  • Record Work
  • Money healing processes.
  • Money Codes.
  • Plus whatever else the guides decide to bring in for the evening.


By Shifting your own personal energy your SHIFT YOUR MINDSET you INCREASE your FREQUENCY and become more of a MONEY MAGNET to the things you want.


Your ATTRACTION level increases and your GENERAL WELL BEING increases and you start become a GREATER VIBRATIONAL MATCH to everything you’re trying to create.


Once you get your own SHIFT out the way this will FREE up your FLOW, feel LESS STRESSED and move you into GREATER ALIGNMENT with your Inner Being.



This High Frequency Session Will Help You: 


Remove doubt of When, Where and How – The Money will show up!

Clear energetic money blocks and patterns that keep you stuck.

Book more Ideal Clients & Opportunities to share your gifts.

Re-calibrate your Soul’s Grids, Templates and Blueprints.

Start Attracting Flow and Abundance Immediately.

Increase your levels of confidence and connection.

Clear Money Shift that doesn’t belong to you.

Help you create greater Alignment.

Increase general health well-being.

Plus More!

Increase your levels of confidence and connection

What You Need To Know About The Bada$$ Money Shift Sessions


Bada$$ Money Shift Sessions don’t focus on your money beliefs!


Sounds a bit like an oxymoron right?

Money Comes As A Secondary Benefit To Your Alignment.

It’s subconscious resistance and mis-alignment that stops the process of manifestation.

So, the Bada$$ Sessions were devised to help you move through those egoic doubts and fears, that hold you back, and help you raise your frequency so you can create greater alignment… and thus greater Abundance!

THAT is what makes you a Bada$$ Money Shifter!

What Are The Benefits Of These Sessions?



Bada$$ Sessions Are Like A One Stop Shop For Your Mind, Body and Soul.


Not only do they assist you in creating greater Abundance and Alignment, BUT they also offer:


Opportunities in which you can create greater Freedom – so you can say YES to that spa day without worrying about checking your bank account.

Help you maintain a healthy form because you’re not asking it to process your shift!

Realign your mindset with your vibration, so the Circus Of Monkeys stop taking over your head.

Create more family time without having to be glued to your computer.

Feel more at peace with your life, job, and relationship – so you can really enjoy and be present for those moments.

Create stable states of Energetic Balance- so when planetary events hit – you don’t feel like you’re drowning.

The energy on the planet is shifting at massive rates and taking care of it has NEVER been more important as now!



Prior to the session your will receive a call-in link to watch Elizabeth facilitate the session LIVE – via zoom.

Multi-layered sessions. This means that listening to it more than once will help you create even deeper shifts!

You will receive a specifically calibrated workbook to help you amplify and keep track of your energy and money shifts.

You will receive a downloadable Audio File to listen to at your leisure.

You will receive a downloadable Video File to watch at your leisure.

You will receive Energetic Activations, Healing & Interventions.

Subscribers save $25.00 a month!

... THE EBOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!” Having cellular changes (not theory) body shaking, profound reactions of letting stuff go!

Michele O.

...I am definitely feeling more "Lit Up!" My frequency has risen and... Money and Clients Are Flowing With Greater Ease!

Jen D.

"I've had 2 powerful sessions with Elizabeth & I can vouch first hand for the results! I can't recommend her more!

Colette Baron-Reid

"Holy F*ck! I cried when I read my MONEY BUSTER ! I had to walk away for a few minutes and then re-read it. I’m so glad I got to do this again!"

Shanna M.

"THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! Thank you! I Really Think The Beliefs You Identified Are The Root - Of The Root-  Of It All!"

Kathy R.

"My old way of clearing was no longer working... Elizabeth taught me a new way to connect and get clear - I Love it!"

Kemi R.

"What An Intense Shift! I'm Able To Speak My Truth & Connect To My Power In Ways I Haven't Before - All Within 24 Hours! 

Laurette G.

Ready to come Aboard

& Amp up Your Money Shift

The Group Sessions Are Held Live Every



At 7:30 pm Est.

– Unless Otherwise Notified.

(We Like To Mix It Up!)

All Sessions Are Recorded If You Can’t Make Them Live!


After checkout you will be taken to a confirmation page where YOU MUST CONFIRM  your registration in order to receive your call in information!

BadA$$ Money Shift-Single Session Access - $99

50 Minute

Energy Transmission | Activation | Healing

30 Minute Q&A

Bada$$ Money Shift Workbook

Mp3 & Mp4 Recording

BadA$$ Money Shift-Monthly Access - $75

Save $25 a month!

50 Minute

Energy Transmission | Activation | Healing

30 Minute Q&A

Bada$$ Money Shift Workbook

Mp3 & Mp4 Recording

Unsubscribe At Any Time.

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