Take Control Of Your ‘Shift!’  

Take your Energy & Awareness to new levels, where you can move into greater states of Balance, Freedom & Alignment!

Our programs are all about helping you Get Out Of Your Own Way and Out Of Your Head by Shifting the pieces that No Longer align with your Passion, Purpose,  or Prosperity.

Our work is for you if you’ve been feeling as if your Mind-‘Shift’ is: 

  • Out Of Balance.
  • Negative Self-Talk Holds You Back.
  • You Don’t Believe In Yourself.
  • You’re Feeling Frustrated.
  • Stuck & Unclear. 
  • Feel Blocked But Don’t Know Why.

One day, you’re right on track, and KNOW exactly where you’re heading, what you’re doing and where you’re going…

Then the next day – POOF! – all that Clarity is gone and Balance is something you think only Circus performers have!

We know. We’ve been there.

This Is What Happens When You Get UnSt*CK:

  • You Energy Levels INCREASE & you start to feel better!
  • You move into greater states of BALANCE and your mood shifts.
  • You re-start your ability to MANIFEST again.
  • You FEEL GOOD about yourself and the negative mind chatter is GONE.
  • You start Believing in yourself again – have a new outlook and start thinking “I CAN DO IT!”
  • You levels of INSPIRATION are heightened and start to FLOW.
  • Your MOTIVATION returns.
  • You’re ready to TACKLE your next Quest with new energy of YES I CAN!


Elizabeth Pfeiffer (7)

Some Of Our Client’s Shift… 

gloria “Prior to working with Elizabeth, I lost my direction, confidence and joy; I was filled with anxiety, sadness and anger. I’d done other types of energy healing before, but this was different and amazing! During our one-on-one coaching sessions, I felt a huge shift. My business is booming, my relationships are enriched, my anger resolved, and my confidence is back!  (An added benefit is the weight loss and fitness goals! I went from a size 10 to a size 8!) Every time I work with Elizabeth, I shift into new levels of self-awareness and consciousness, and look forward to seeing where my next journey leads me!  Thank you seems inadequate. You owe it to yourself to work with Elizabeth.…she will lead you to great new places!!” Gloria B. Ohio



JenniferIn March the flow of money in my business started slowing down. I was feeling stressed because I hadn’t booked any sessions this month, and I got a big hit to try out your Aligned Abundance program. So I bought the program and did the exercises and started taking actions towards my goals.  The next morning I felt completely different… so much better. I booked a new client out of the blue, and had several inquiries that could very possibly lead to something that all came up yesterday… I’m back in my groove.  Just thought it was interesting that within 2 days of starting your program I had money in my account from unexpected sources.. Yay!” Jennifer Currie




“Thank you so much! Your Energy Healing work with me this evening was amazing. I could feel the energy and your Intuitive  abilities were nothing short of miraculous. You have positively affected those fearful thoughts that were eating at my soul… Words can’t even describe…” KS – Pennsylvania