Ladies . . .

It’s time to ditch your thinly veiled disguise (think: housewife, stay-at-home mom Entrepreneur or Corporate employee) and slip into your red-and-gold bustier and projectile tiara.

Wonder Woman, eat your heart out. ;)           

If you know there’s something out there that you should be giving or doing for others or if you feel pulled to share something you’re intensely passionate about—then strap on your indestructible bracelets and make the decision to embrace your power right here and right now.


…Because the world deserves to experience what you have to offer!

As a Certified Master Intuitive Coach®, Consciousness Guide & Energy Healer, I can help you Shift from blocked and uncertain to clear and on purpose, so that you can unleash your creative instincts and experience the kind of balance, joy and success you deserve in love, life and business! 

Ready to get to work?

shiftJust don’t forget your blue-starred panties. ;)


Kelly“Thank you so much! Your work with me this evening was amazing. I could feel the energy and your Intuitive  abilities were nothing short of miraculous. You have positively affected those fearful thoughts that were eating at my soul… Words can’t even describe. I can’t wait to see what sleep shall bring tonight.” KS – Pennsylvania 




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