Create Greater Alignment


Aren’t you tired of feeling stuck? 

As an Awakened Soul, you crave Greater Energetic Freedom, Alignment and you want to express your own unique way of being in the world.

When you are in complete alignment with ‘YOU’, then you can move into greater states of  Service, Alignment, Self-Love, Freedom & Personal Empowerment with grace and ease.

We can help you Experience immediate shifts in the way that you see yourself embodied in the world, teach you how to use your intuition as a powerful guide & get you in alignment with your greatest potential!

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My Name is Elizabeth Pfeiffer, and as an Intuitive Energy Coach, Healer & Consciousness Guide, I use my ‘Mad Energy-Coaching/Healing Skills’  to help you create profound personal shifts at an accelerated rate & release Energetic blocks – so you can go from blocked and uncertain to Clear, On Purpose & back in Alignment! 



You see, Everything Is Energy, & We know How to Shift It! ;)