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Welcome Soul Shifter!

Are you ready to ride the waves of your Soul and Dive Deep into greater states of Freedom, Connection and Alignment?

The energy on the planet is shifting. You’re waking up to a new world of awareness, intuition and connection like you’ve never experienced before!

Dramatic Awakenings & Moments Of Enlightenment, Can Challenge Your Mind, Body & Soul.


They can have you feeling overly sensitive or highly empathic.

Feeling trapped or a like a prisoner in your own life.

Feeling lost, disconnected and without purpose.

Challenge your mental, emotional and physical states of being.

…and Affect Your Money Channels!

We’ve spent years guiding people through the waves of higher consciousness – so your experience can be a process of smooth sailing – instead of a fight against the current.

So grab your gear and dive on in!


It’s Time To STOP Hunting Down Your Blocks Like A Mofo!


A Block Is A Repetitive Pattern Of Thought You Believe To Be True – Even When It’s Not.

Those False Beliefs Can Be Reinforced In Two Ways:

1. Constantly focusing on them for hours on end. This Will actually create more.
2. The Mindset block, you’re trying to clear/reprogram, is really an Energetic block – or Vise Versa – which can lead you back to point 1.

WHAT and HOW you THINK about money can either draw you closer to it or pull you further from it.


When you put your focus on Alignment as take your energy and mind away from the perceived ‘block’ — you increase your levels of Flow, Allowing and Receiving.

In return, this increases your levels of Alignment, Reduces Stress, and increases your levels of WellBeing!

Once you get aligned — then the only thing you’re working on like a MOFO is…Countin’ your cash!

Let’s Take A Look At Your 5 Days! 


How Money Blocks Can Affect Your Life.
Activate The Energy Of Gratitude & Open Up To An Increase Your Flow!
Learn How To Quickly Manifest Your Goals.
Learn How To Set Up Your Day For Manifestation!
Learn How To Identify When You're In Alignment & When You're Not.


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